Buried Sins



When Carys returns to her childhood home, inherited after the death of her father, she is shocked to discover the bones of an infant buried in the paddock. Days later, DI Locke’s team uncover the remains of a missing girl, sparking vivid memories of the day Carys was abducted by The Shadow Man.

While the evidence against her father mounts, Carys recalls more of her past. And each new revelation provides DI Locke with the proof she needs to close the cases of several girls’ disappearances.

Sometimes the past refuses to stay buried.

'An absorbing and fascinating story'

Alyson Read

What I Never Told You



Two women's lives collide when a husband, father, and son is accused of unspeakable crimes.

Kate thought she'd never have to set eyes on the man she blames for ruining her childhood again, but she was wrong. Teresa has always stood by her son, believing in his innocence, but the evidence is compelling. When a trial date looms a shocking event turns both their worlds upside-down, forcing them to confront their darkest fears.

Can Kate accept the past she's tried hard to forget and is forgiveness possible for Teresa, the mother of the man painted as a monster?

'A dark psychological thriller with a shocking twist'

A. R. Klint

Love You Bad



Kerensa lives a life of privilege few could imagine. Loving husband. Luxury home. Financial security.

But in the attic of their sea view mansion is a secret waiting to be discovered, threatening to destroy their perfect marriage.

When their daughter's au pair uncovers Dominic's carefully constructed illusion, one lie at a time, it ends in murder.

But whose? 

'A psychological thriller not to be missed'
-ARC Reviewer

'My heart was in my mouth'
-ARC Reviewer

'I did not see that twist coming'
-ARC Reviewer

-ARC Reviewer

Love You Dead



Erica's husband is dead.
It looks like an accident.
Appearances can be deceptive.

Joel adores his wife.
So why did Erica want to kill him?

'Full of twists and turns that will leave you turning the pages and wanting more'
Shell Baker

'An intense thriller . . . gripping from the first page to the last'

'Powerful . . . filled with suspense'
JJ Bookworm


Love You Gone



Gemma is missing.
Someone wanted her gone.
Rachel wants to know why.

When the body of the missing student is discovered in local woodland investigative journalist Rachel Harper intends to find out who wanted Gemma dead, even if it means putting herself in the murderer's line of fire.


'An intensely gripping psychological thriller . . . breathtakingly unforgettable'

Kerry Watts, bestselling author of Heartlands

One Night Only


Claire is an ordinary woman with a son and career. But below the facade of happiness lies the foundations which threaten to shatter the home she's made for herself and her son. She is in thousands of pounds worth of debt and with nobody to help her out she has no option but to accept an offer from a stranger. One which is far more dangerous than she thought possible.


'The man I am going to meet is called Ewan. He is a builder. He has green eyes and a kind smile. That is all I know. For One Night Only I am his and then I will be debt free.'


'Kept me up all night'

R. E. Devon


'Filled with unrelenting tension that makes you want to check your windows and doors are locked before you dare to sleep'

Reviewers Board


'The true definition of a page turner. This had me racing through the pages, unable to turn the lights off once I'd put it down'

Dark Path Reviews


'A complex tale of unrequited love and the dangers of obsession. This is a modern day Romeo and Juliette, with all the ingredients of a dark fairytale'

Thrill Seekers


The Perfect Wife

Annette is happily married, living in a beautiful house with her husband. Her two older daughters have left home. She no longer has to work. Life is perfect. But one day changes all that, awakening a sinister past she'd rather forget. 
Annette thinks her husband is having an affair. He says she has been living a comfortable delusion for the past ten years. Annette decides to uncover the truth, but doing so might unearth more than she is prepared for. 
Who should you believe?  
What happened all those years ago to cause such friction in this couples otherwise content life? 
And why is their marriage now on the brink of collapse?

'A book to remember'

Misfits Farm

Why She Left

What do we really know about the people we love? 

When his wife goes missing, Scott attempts to 
piece together the fragments of her past 
whilst remaining under the watchful eye of the police. 
What he discovers though is more shocking than 
he could have imagined, forcing him to 
question everything he thought he knew about her. 

Is it too late to save her? 
Have they both fallen victim to their own destruction? 

A compelling psychological portrait into 
toxic relationships, deceit, and a past you can't escape. 


'Layered with twists and turns that keep 
you guessing until the very end' 


'A tense full throttle ride, with more twists and turns than a roller-coaster'

Trill seekers


'This will make you want to stay up late into the night. Only when you put it down you won't be able to sleep.'

Karen Rogers


'A talented author who clearly understands the psychology of her characters.'

Dark Path Reviews




Even though I've seen the newspapers, read the headlines and watched the television reports, it still doesn't feel real. I still can't quite believe he's so damaged. 

A serial killer is terrorising Berkshire. 
Everyone is hiding something. 

Kira: 'I could kill that man.' 
Nathan: 'Some secrets can destroy you.' 
Jonathan: 'I'm not innocent. We're all guilty of something.' 

Each and every one of us is haunted by something. It's what makes us human. We all sleep in darkness. It's not the dark you should fear though, it's the light. That's why some things are better left unsaid. Some wounds are too painful to re-open. 


'Gripping, unputdownable, and with a double twist'

BR Reviews 

'An authentic, compelling tour-de-force, from a stunning new author'

Sam Hayes

Scream Quietly


Soon to be a motion picture


What would you do if you couldn't trust your own memory?
What if everything you believe is a lie?
When your life is in danger and there is only one way out
you can't trust anybody, not even yourself.


After a car crash, Marieke is plagued by memories of events she can't trust ever happened. During therapy, she begins to uncover a prior existence, one which she'd tried so desperately to hide from herself.


When she finds out that the man she married is hiding something much worse she discovers that the past is not so far away after all. Leaving her with a decision which results in devastating consequences.


'Dark, gritty and deeply unsettling'

BR Reviews


'Disturbing and addictive'

Amy Westleigh


'Amazing- I couldn't put it down'

Jessica Louise Burtenshaw

Lavender Fields

Lavender Fields is the perfect sanctuary. The remote Cornish cottage has been home to many a lost soul for generations.

In 1892 Helena runs the family inherited perfumery business here. Until one beautiful but isolated winter, almost consumed with loneliness, a stranger appears, altering her ordered world forever.

In 1940 Joseph finds a journal buried behind a stone in the hearth of his holiday home. He sets out on a quest to find out what happened in the cottage, all those years ago. But his curiosity is dampened when he is called to serve in the war effort. When he returns he soon uncovers the disturbing family secrets which Helena took to her grave.

Is it time to unravel the mystery which surrounds this idyllic landscape and finally lay to rest the ghosts of the past?

'An intricately woven tale of love, betrayal and murder'

Reviewers Board


The house of secrets.jpg
The House of Secrets

Haunted by the memories of the fire which destroyed her family home, Isabella is sent to an asylum by her husband. Upon her return, unable to forgive him of his overbearing presence she flee's, seeking refuge with Anne, a once fellow resident of the asylum. But Anne has her own troubles and they are soon forced to leave the safety of Manor Farm. Will her husband reach her before she can find happiness? Or will Anne's secret destroy her already fragile mind?


Almost a century later, Lillian and her husband inherit the house. But as they prepare to rebuild it memories of her childhood begin to resurface. Leaving Lillian unsure of what memories are hers and which belong to another; a woman to whom she relates to. A woman who seems to remain within the walls of Oldbury Court, even after all of this time.