Lucky, Death Valley: Book One

"The men come at night. Flocks of them, like eagles searching for prey. They bring women across the border. Once traded they're never seen again. I'm one of the unlucky ones."

Albuquerque, US:
A series of seemingly unrelated deaths spark a major multiple homicide investigation for Detective Jackson, involving crimes that cross state lines and lead into Mexico. But with no forensic print, no witnesses, and a lengthy wait to identify the victims, there are no suspects. That is until several members of a drug cartel are killed off one by one, drawing her closer to danger and further from the answers she desperately needs.

Juarez, Mexico:
When Californian born prostitute Leona is offered work in a Tijuana strip club, it quickly becomes a nightmare in which there is no escape. Trafficked across Mexico with a hit on her head, her only chance of survival is to join the cartel. The same cartel responsible for the recent slayings on Detective Jackson’s turf.

Faced with limited options, the two women's survival depends on whether they have it in them to kill. The tragic consequences of whatever choice they make will prove fatal, but will also push the investigation towards a dramatic conclusion.


Lost In America, Death Valley: Book Two

Colorado Springs, US:
My girlfriend is missing.
I think she’s having an affair.
Her name’s not Kristen.
Her car was found abandoned on Route 66.
The cops think I’ve killed her.

Albuquerque, US:
Detective Jackson is investigating the potential murder of a woman who has been registered missing. But according to her false ID Kristen has been dead for twenty-three years. Without a body she cannot disprove Taylor’s innocence. Especially when new evidence suggests Kristen’s Irish past played a higher role in her disappearance than the secrets, lies, and betrayal present in their relationship.

But one question remains: how do you find a woman who is unidentifiable?


In Her Shadow, Death Valley: Book Three

“I’m going down in a glorious blaze. And I’m taking you all down with me.”

People are dead.
I have blood on my clothes.
Someone is chasing me.

After witnessing the tragic death of her boyfriend, a cartel hitman shot dead by a US cop, Petra is sent to Carswell Medical Centre where she suffers unimaginable trauma at the hands of rival inmates residing in the facility. When she is released on parole having served two years of a sentence for accessory to the attempted murder of the detective who killed Angel, Petra determines to avenge his death by killing the entire homicide squad of the police department she feels are all in some way responsible.

When two of her colleagues are killed in succession, Detective Jackson becomes convinced a serial murderer is responsible. Someone whose agenda is to bring down her department one at a time. To uncover the identity of the killer she must guess who is next on the list before they strike again, because once her team have fallen, she’ll be the only one left.

But how can you catch a killer who is one step ahead of your shadow?


Beneath the Surface, Death Valley: Book Four

Detective Jackson has been assigned a case involving a trio of domestic terrorists who’ve shot dead three pastors.

A serial killer is stalking Albuquerque, hunting, raping, and murdering local women.

Detective Jackson’s friend Marla, an investigative journalist, is convinced her neighbour is abusing his son.

What connects these three seemingly unrelated crimes?

‘A gripping thriller that keeps you on the edge of your seat from the first page to the last’

‘An immersive procedural . . . undeniably suspenseful, crackling with tension . . . the twist soccer-punches you and the end leaves a chill to crawl down your spine’

‘Utterly compulsive . . . had me racing through the pages’

‘The best crime series I’ve read in years’

‘I wasn’t sure how Louise could build on the devastation she wreaked on Detective Jackson’s team in In Her Shadow, but she has created another excellent example of cunning craftsmanship . . . absolutely f#$@ing brilliant!’