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When asked to review Mike's second crime thriller featuring Washington Poe and his tech wizard side-kick Tilly I didn't hesitate to say YES! I didn't think it was possible to beat such a fantastic and original take on the age-old serial killer novel, but I was wrong. Black Summer, is even better, more twisted than a corkscrew, full of red herrings that make you second guess yourself even while the answer is blatantly staring you in the face. There were many a-ha moments and the surprise ending was as believable and complex as the characters. No stone is left upturned in the denouement of Craven's books, and all include top-notch police procedure which is what makes his work all the more believable and an absolute pleasure to read.

This time, Poe's framed for the murder of a celebrity chef's daughter after the missing woman returns, only to disappear again. While he suspects the true murderer is her own father, all evidence points to Poe. Not only does he have to prove he didn't do it, but he also has to figure out how the recently disappeared daughter whom he presumes is an impostor shares the murdered woman's DNA. And all before the man he suspects killed her is released from prison. It's pacy, it's brilliantly plotted, and it's secured a big fat five stars from me!

I can't wait to read what this exceptionally talented author comes up with next.

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