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My Review of I Know Your Secret by Jess Roy


Set in Ireland. A dark, twisty psychological thriller. Perfect for fans of Mark Edwards and Peter James.

Dr Amanda Brody has it all – or so it seems. Married to a leading medical consultant, with a fabulous career, two amazing children, and a beautiful house in the suburbs of Galway City. Everything is perfect – or is it? Because Amanda hides a secret. One she has lived with for years. A secret so terrible she has no doubt it will destroy her life if ever it is revealed. And this is exactly what happens, starting with a note pinned to her car, on it just four words: I Know Your Secret. Who knows her secret? Who does she turn to? Who does she trust? Amanda’s worst nightmare has just begun.


Having not read any of this author's books before I jumped on the chance to read and review this one (it's my place on the blog tour on the 7th November 2021) and couldn't couldn't stop reading this book. It kept me hooked from the first page to the last. I just had to find out what the secret was and was totally gob-smacked and pleasantly so because I genuinely thought I'd had it all figured out and was very wrong Indeed. A fantastic slight of hand and a truly surprising revelation with an unexpected ending. Anyone who enjoys a psychological thriller will LOVE this.

The author

Jess Roy lives on the West Coast of Ireland, likes to walk through forests and by the sea, loves people but prefers solitude, and uses real life events to form the basis of dark, twisty, thrillers. Because, after all, fact is stranger than fiction!

Buy your copy HERE in eBook and paperback.

I'd like to thank Question Mark Press and Zooloo's BookTours for my copy in exchange for an honest review.

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