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I jumped on the chance to be on this blog tour, not only due to the tempting title, intriguing blurb and gorgeous cover, but because I love a good old romantic suspense and I was not disappointed. To me Remember Me encompasses everything I love about the genre. Interesting, relatable characters, a crime, and a love story, all melded together to create a modern day twist on what I'd liken to a Karen Robards novel. I've read a few of Spellbound Books' titles this year and they've quickly become one of my favourite publishers. Terry's latest is no exception. I absolutely loved it. So with that in mind, here's what happens.

A woman with amnesia suffering flashbacks and recovering with a head wound is found by a handsome, muscular copper, as she tries to find out who she is, what happened to her and why, he falls in love with her. The tension mounts as danger lurks nearby and her past is finally revealed. There is a HEA and it's sizzling hot. I loved every sexy word.


Grab yourself a glass of Sangria and escape with the sexiest thriller of the Summer.

Sun, Sea Sex & Lies

When Sergeant Michael Sanchez of the Costa Blanca Policia finally finishes a long night shift he didn’t expect to see a woman wandering the beach, soaked and disoriented. When she collapses in front of him from a head wound, he rushes her to hospital.

Helen Jones wakes up in hospital with the headache from hell and a hunky policeman watching her but absolutely no memory of who she is or why she’s been attacked. With only an ankle bracelet with the name Helen on, she has to find out what happened to her.

Dawn Terry enjoys writing romantic thriller/suspense novels, in which she takes her readers to beautiful locations on an emotional rollercoaster ride of deep suspense and sensual fiery passion. She is the author of Deadly Escape and Costa Del Lies.

Having worked in interior design, international stockbroking and banking, advertising, law, marketing and radio, Dawn has been personal assistant to some of the most senior men and women within their fields, and she's had access to, and enjoyed partying in, some of the most exclusive and famous venues.

Dawn enjoys holidaying in idealistic locations and has travelled extensively around the world, using these life experiences as inspiration for her books. As well as living in her home country of England, she has lived in Spain and South America.

Currently Dawn lives in Bedfordshire with her family, and is working on novels set in the Balearic Islands, South America, Spain and USA.

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Huge thanks to Zooloo's Book Tours for letting me join the blog tour. They are fab book tour operators, I've used them myself so please consider them for your own.

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