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The hardest part of living is losing is the first line on the back cover of this sensational debut novel by author Cassius Cox. The reason I immediately contacted the author and asked if he'd like to be featured on my blog is because back in the day my nickname was Cassius Clay. I fought addiction in a similar fashion to the way the protagonist in Living is Losing fights his own demons: grief and depression. I love boxing. In fact I married a boxer. And one of our best family holidays was in Woolacombe, where the author loves to visit. But it was the cover and the author's sincerity and professionalism to his writing that sold the book to me. So here's a bit about Cassius and his debut novel. I'll post my review once I've read my copy which you can buy in eBook or paperback HERE.

Cassius tells me,

'I love stories, whether it be in film, book, or music. If it moves me then I am sold. As a child I used films to escape reality, in fact I probably still do. My happy place is the cinema.

'My favourite genre is psychological thriller, I prefer a story that is a bit mean and moody. But I am happy to be recommended a good book in any genre. My favourite work of fiction is One Day by David Nicholls and my favourite non-fiction is Stephen King’s On Writing.

'I am a huge sports fan. I love boxing, MMA and football, although these days I am coaching football rather than playing. I love watching sport, you might see me at the London stadium watching West Ham or at Wembley watching England.

'Favourite holiday destinations are: Woolacombe in Devon, Florida, Vegas and Thailand.

I enjoy going jogging and going to the gym, but I also like a drink and a takeaway so the two count each other out. I’m far from perfect.

'My writing journey started in 2009 when I completed the first draft of Living Is Losing. I tucked the 100,000-word document away without anyone knowing I had written it. In 2020 I decided to show a friend and she convinced me to make it happen.

'I wrote a 2nd draft and sent it off to around twenty agents, half never replied, one simply wrote, ‘not for me’ and the others told me I wouldn’t be able to sell it as it does not fit into any one single genre. Feeling despondent I researched self-publishing. I listened to every podcast, watched every YouTube video, signed up to writers’ groups on Facebook and found great support from the writing community. I could not believe how amazing self-published authors are towards one another, I will be sure to pass on that same attitude and share every piece of knowledge I have picked up along my journey.'


The hardest part of Living Is Losing.

Thirteen-year-old Jack Stone witnesses the traumatic death of his older brother. Filled with anger he becomes violent and unstable and considers suicide his only option.

Supported by his parents he seeks help and forms a close bond with his psychotherapist, Roisin. Together they explore his deepest thoughts and the crippling guilt surrounding his brother's death. To manage his aggression Jack joins a boxing gym where his trainer, Pete, believes he has potential and guides him to success.

He finds love in his childhood friend Kirsten. His world is complete at the birth of his son, but when the unthinkable happens, Jack is forced to return to his dark past. Plagued with returning suicidal thoughts his thirst for revenge could cost him everything.

Jack’s toughest fight was not in the boxing ring, it was in his mind.

Living Is Losing is a journey of life, love, and loss, from teenager to adult, a coming of age meets psychological thriller.

Can Jack survive going to hell for a second time, and if he does who will he take with him?

Follow the author via:

Twitter: @grahammarkcox

Instagram: @cassiuscoxauthor

Facebook: @CassiusCox1966

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