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The killer is COMING FOR YOU

A brutal crime. A traumatized mind. A victim no one believes…

Successful New York prosecutor Amelia Kellaway is hiding a secret. Still deeply traumatized by a kidnapping incident she suffered three years ago, Amelia is struggling to cope with a crippling anxiety disorder where she compulsively checks her locks and doors. She’s also experiencing frightening blackouts that strike at random. The root cause of her anxiety is her unshakable belief that her previous attacker, Rex Hawkins, is stalking her. She’s been to the authorities but they’ve dismissed her concerns as the paranoid delusions of a traumatized mind.

But are Amelia’s fears really unfounded? Could Rex Hawkins still be out there, waiting for her to drop her guard and make a mistake? Or is Amelia slipping deeper into neurosis and at risk of losing her mind?

Another gripping and twisty tale of psychological suspense from Deborah Rogers, Coming for You is a terrifying portrayal of a young woman on the brink, with shades of Hitchcock and Gillian Flynn. If you like tense, gritty psychological suspense thrillers, you'll love book 2 in the Amelia Kellaway series from exciting new crime writer Deborah Rogers, and best yet it is PUBLISHED TOMORROW!

PRAISE FOR LEFT FOR DEAD (#1 Amelia Kellaway)...

"An edge of your seat read." Amazon Reviewer

"Part wilderness survival thriller and part childhood trauma story with an unexpected and heart-wrenching twist." Goodreads Reviewer

"Gripping isn't a strong enough word for this heart-grabber." Amazon Reviewer

Deborah Rogers is a psychological thriller and suspense author. Her gripping debut psychological suspense novel, The Devil's Wire, received rave reviews as a 'dark and twisted page turner'. Since then, Deborah has been developing the new Amelia Kellaway series. Book one in the series, Left for Dead, is a tightly woven tale about a young woman who is kidnapped and taken deep into the wilderness.

Deborah's next title Speak for Me (#3 Amelia Kellaway series) will be released this year. She's also publishing a new standalone novel, Into Thin Air, a mystery about a woman who goes missing on vacation in Istanbul.

She currently resides in New Zealand. You can find out more about her at:

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