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TOTAL BLACKOUT: The gripping new crime thriller by Alex Shaw available to pre-order now!

Total Blackout is the first in a new series of US based thrillers from Alex Shaw, author of the Aidan Snow series. It’s hero, Jack Tate is on holiday in Camden, Maine when he unwittingly finds himself in the middle of an attack aimed at destabilising the US. But Jack Tate is no normal tourist, he’s a former member of the SAS and an MI6 operative - he’s the right man in the wrong war. The action starts in Maine before it reaches its explosive climax in Washington DC.

Total Blackout is published as an ebook on September the 25th and in paperback on the 26th of November. The second in the series will be released in January.

#TotalBlackout When the world’s first tactical EMP attack causes chaos in the US, MI6 E-Squadron operative Jack Tate must race to stop those who would start a new world war..

Pre-order your copy today!

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ALEX SHAW B.A.(Hons), P.G.C.E. spent the second half of the 1990s in Kyiv, Ukraine, teaching Drama and running his own business consultancy before being head-hunted for a division of Siemens. The next few years saw him doing business for the company across the former USSR, the Middle East, and Africa.

Alex is an active member of the ITW (The International Thriller Writers organisation) and the CWA (the Crime Writers Association). He is the author of the #1 International Kindle Bestselling 'Aidan Snow SAS thrillers' COLD BLOOD, COLD BLACK, COLD EAST, DELTA FORCE VAMPIRE and the forthcoming JACK TATE thriller series. His writing has also been published in the thriller anthologies DEATH TOLL, DEATH TOLL 2, DEATH TOLL 3, CAPITAL CRIMES and ACTION PULSE POUNDING TALES 2 alongside International Bestselling authors Stephen Leather and Matt Hilton.

COLD BLOOD, COLD BACK and COLD EAST are commercially published by HARPERCOLLINS (HQ DIGITAL) in English and LUZIFER VERLAG in German.

Alex, his wife and their two sons divide their time between homes in Kyiv, Ukraine, Worthing, England and Doha, Qatar.

Follow Alex on twitter: @alexshawhetman or Instagram @alexshawthrillerwriter or find him on Facebook @AlexShaw

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