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Gillian Godden, Yorkshire's answer to Martina Cole, is back and there are some DIRTY DEALINGS going on in her latest novel. And if all the five star reviews are anything to go by this might just be her best title yet.

The Lambrianou empire is in jeopardy. Will Scarlett and Katie be able to save the family business by branching out and building their own?

Tony Lambrianu might look like he's sitting pretty, but when you're the kingpin of a gangland empire you have to keep your guard up at all times. Deceit and betrayal lurk around every corner.

With threats looming from all sides, he is about to find out just who his real enemies are.

Meanwhile, Scarlet and Katie Lambrianu have their sights set on realising their own ambitions in life. They are determined to build their own empire and establish a Lambrianu legacy of their own.

Tony faces the biggest challenge of his life as he fights for personal survival and to protect his family. Danger comes from unexpected places.

Will his empire crumble?

It seems everyone is willing to resort to Dirty Dealings ... how low will Tony go to avoid the devastating consequences of failure?

You can buy Dirty Dealings HERE

Dangerous Games and Nasty Business are available for just 99p at the moment. You can grab your copy of either of these or the prequel to the series, Francesca, HERE

The next in the series, Gold, is due to be released in the Summer of 2020

All that Glitters is not Gold .... apart they were ruthless, together they are merciless.

The story of Julie and Ralph Gold.  From their single lives to the explosive meeting that leads them rule the London gangland world.

Stay in touch with Gillian to keep updated on her upcoming releases and to be in-the-know when there will be future price reductions on her previously published titles.

Twitter: @GGodden

Facebook: @francescaseries

Instagram: @ggodden2019

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